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keep running

I made this Game in unity, and this is the first game that I have made. So the quality its suspect but all path have an BEGIN! Got it?!

An illustration of a man hiding in a dragon cave

Project ELISE

The project Elise its a Hack and Slash game that is actually in production. This project is being made only for me, yes only me. Because I have an affection for this project, so its in production and have no date to release, for while. Follow the updates these project if you are interested.


The game is about the duality between everything and nothing, where the creative hand will have to fight against the nonexistence to give rise to everything, about it is a top dow game with "Agario" and bullet hell mechanics


The game is a 2D "side scroller" platform game with a combat system that allows attack combinations. A bit of "lore". In the beginning there was only darkness, and then came a Light. However, a Luz  realized that she was trapped and, to free herself from this snare, she would need to create two powerful artifacts: Time and Space. Imagining what they would look like, the Time was created and now things could move, and the place where they moved was the Space. However, the Time was unstable and not yet defined but, with each broken cycle and each absorbed power, a  would get more powerful and then the start of everything could be done.

Made it in GGJ 2021 I presents with pleasure, our most badass hero, Jone Spaghetti.  I'm worked on enemy called Slime. For the first time I worked in pixel art with krita, it was a great experience working side by side with this great team, the Mirashi Studio.

Jone's Redemption Seek

Red Tower

You will be a Gunslinger Wizard who uses a Magic Wand and a Firearm to destroy your enemies, these weapons will be able to obtain improvements for each defeated Boss by collecting the Corrupted Seal Fragments.

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